Live From Indy --- Monday

Breaking news and notes from the NFL combine. Get info on 2003's top draft prospects live from Indianapolis.

Post Time 2:38 PM---DB ( second group )

Dennis Weathersby - Oregon St: Weathersby was clocked under 4.4 was a big surprise, and looked very good do so.

Terence Newman - Kansas St: Not a blistering 40 like expected

Marcus Trufant - Washington St: Ran well, looked like most expected.

Terrell Roberts - Oregon: St: Very slow 40

Shane Walton - Notre Dame: Did not run an impressive 40

Thomas Wright - Michigan St: Ran very slow, slower than expected

NOTE: 32% of the combine invitees did not run the 40 this weekend. This has been very disappointing to teams and you will hear about the rumblings this week..

Post Time 12:38 PM---DB ( first group )

Rod Babers - Texas: Very good work out, and timed in the 4.4/40

Kevin Garrett - SMU: 4.4/40 Good work session.

Colin Branch - Stanford: Ran well, better than expected.

Todd Johnson - Florida: Looked solid in drills and continues to impress.

Ken Hamlin - Arkansas: Ran disappointing 40.

Jason Goss - TCU: Did not run the 40 well.

Brian Mance - Clemson: Ran disappointed times in the 40.

All Ohio State Players have left the combine because of the meeting with the president of the United states George Bush to get congratulated for winning the national championship

Post Time 10:38 AM---LB

Chaun Thompson - West Texas A&M: Ran a high 4.5, and earlier completed 39 on the bench. Looks good in drills.

Nick Barnett - Oregon State: One of fastest times 4.5/40 high range and preformed well in drills

LaMarcus McDonald - TCU: A disappointing 5.0/40 time, and looked very bad during drills.

Terry Pierce - Kansas State: Did not run

E.J. Henderson -Maryland: Did not run

Boss Bailey - Georgia: Did not run

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