Patriots Awarded Compensatory Draft Picks

The NFL owners meetings being held in Florida this week provide more than just an opportunity to get together to discuss the league's unparalleled success, it's a time for owners to conduct real business. In addition it's time for the league to announce which teams will receive compensatory picks in the pending Draft for players lost from last season. The Patriots are one of those teams.

On Monday teams learned what compensation they would receive for players lost from the 2009 season. The compensation comes in the form of extra Draft picks awarded to teams that lose more talent than they sign in a given season. While the formula is a closely guarded secret, expectations were that New England would be awarded some picks for players signed by other teams in 2009, namely the Denver Broncos.

The NFL decided to award the Patriots four compensatory picks. As noted yesterday via twitter, those picks are all late round picks. New England will get the picks in the 6th round (36 in the round – 205th overall) and 7th round (40 - 247, 41 - 248 and 43 - 250).

The Patriots' picks were awarded for losing the following players: Heath Evans, Jabar Gaffney, Larry Izzo, LaMont Jordan and Lonie Paxton. In return New England only signed one significant free agent, Brandon McGowan.

The NFL awarded a total of 32 picks among 19 different teams. New England lead all teams with 4 picks, while three teams – Carolina, Pittsburgh and Tennessee – were awarded 3 picks each.

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