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Will Sergio Kindle be the first player taken by New England? How about Jared Odrick, or Ryan Matthews. Let the Mocking Begin. The annual Intersite Mock Draft begins today. Who will the Patriots select? Who should they select? From top overall pick to Mr. irrelevant, the IMD has it all.

The Intersite Mock Draft (IMD) is a fan driven Mock Draft conducted each year by members of the message board community. Any fan can participate by contacting representatives from each team's official Mock representatives.

Patriots Insider has a group assembled to make the Patriots picks for the IMD. They would like your help, and your suggestions. Feel free to chime in here:

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IMD Mock Draft Updates

In the 2010 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots have The Patriots have 12 Draft picks available.

2010 Patriots Draft Slots
Round 1: Pick 22 (22)
Round 2: Pick 12 (44) (From Jaguars) Pick 15 (47) (From Titans), Pick 21 (53)
Round 3: NONE*
Round 4: Pick 21 (119)
Round 5: NONE *
Round 6: Pick 21 (190), Pick 36 (205) (Compensatory)
Round 7: Pick 22 (229), Pick 24 (231) (From Eagles through Broncos and Patriots), Pick 40 (247) (Compensatory), Pick 41 (248) (Compensatory), Pick 43 (250) (Compensatory)

* The Patriots traded their 2010 3rd and 5th round picks to the Raiders for LB Derrick Burgess.

According to the Mock Draft Muncher ( Visit The Muncher ), Texas defensive end Sergio Kindle had been projected as the Patriots best fit in the first round until recently. Penn State defender Jared Odrick, has since taken over as the most popular pick according to the general consensus.

Both Ordick and Kindle fit urgent needs for the Patriots, defensive linemen. Kindle is actually projected as an OLB, and has been connected to New England as a good fit for their 3-4 defense which requires more athletic college ends who can move in space to play coverage as needed. Odrick, would fit more of the Jarvis Green, Richard Seymour role – an interior lineman who can play inside or outside on a 3-man front.

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