Brady's Contract Still A Concern

With rookies receiving ridiculous deals guaranteeing them $50 million before they even take a snap as a pro, what kind of deal should one of the best expect? Tom Brady's contract expires this season. Will the team get a new one done or could Brady be headed out the door next year?

The 500-pound elephant in the middle of the room -- or football field, for that matter -- at Patriots training camp is quarterback Tom Brady's contract. Specifically, the fact that it expires at the end of the season and the two sides don't have a long-term extension in place. At this stage, it appears safe to assume there's an impasse between Brady and the Patriots, otherwise a deal would be done already.

Brady met with the media last week for the first time since camp began, which was a good sign in it of itself because it means he didn't allow his contract status to coerce him into an all-advised holdout.

While Brady said all the right things during his press briefing, he declined to talk about his "mood" in regards to this situation, saying his feelings are private and don't mean all that much to begin with.

Some have taken this as a sign that Brady is miffed with the organization for not agreeing to whatever demands he might have -- assuming, of course, he's delivered a list of demands to begin with.

What the Patriots decide to do is anyone's guess. In the past, they've been difficult to deal with once they set a value on a particular player. For example, they never budged with Deion Branch and Asante Samuel and those players subsequently went elsewhere.

They've also tried to shy away from giving out multi-year extensions before a player's contract expires, though in some cases they've been willing to bump a player's pay to keep him happy in that final contract year. For example, they gave Richard Seymour a pay raise in 2005, then signed him to a three-year extension at the end of the season.

Ever The Professional
--Although his own contract status is in limbo, Tom Brady is more than happy for rookie quarterback Sam Bradford, who is receiving a $50 million signing bonus from the Saint Louis Rams. On Sirius Satellite Radio, Brady said: "That's the way the system's been and who knows what will happen in the future? As players, we want the money going to the players. If it's rookies, it's rookies. If it's veterans, it's veterans."

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