Tom Cable with the Media

Select quotes from Tom Cable's Thursday talk with the media. Cable goes over the injury list and what the team anticipates against the St. Louis Rams this Sunday.

Opening Statement

[Chaz] Schilens did not practice. [Robert] Gallery did not practice. [Travis] Goethel did not practice. Michael Bush was limited today. Desmond Bryant was full. [Richard] Seymour did not practice. [Nnamdi] Asomugha was limited. [Hiram] Eugene was limited. Chris Johnson limited and Walter McFadden did not practice.

Today, a little longer practice in that we want to cover a little bit more situational stuff, and just tie in some things, particularly with some of the pressures and things like that. So, good work today. Really good work and liked what we got done.

St. Louis has spent a lot of time re-tooling their front seven in the last couple of years by draft picks and whatnot. What do you see from them?

It's kind of what we talked about. I think they're very physical. They're kind of a blunt style of play, meaning they're trying to knock you back all the time and you couple that with the fact that you get all this pressure. And a lot of it's overload pressure. You know, where you've got to get the ball out of your hand. You won't have enough blockers sometimes so you're going to have to side adjust and throw hot and do some things like that in order to control it.

Some matchups from last year like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh that can help you deal with that?

Certainly I think the Philadelphia stuff helps us. Some of the pressure playing the Jets last year a little bit. Cincinnati a little bit with their pressure package. There are some things that do help us in we've been through it in terms of it. And then when you look at it, think about Jason—he's played against this package, if you will, being in Washington playing in Philly all those years.

You ever get to a point where you think "we dare you to blitz?"

Well, sure. That is our mentality. It has to be your mentality. If you sit there and you worry about it and you cower to it, then they'll just bring that much more. So you want to go attack it. You have to attack pressure with pressure.

Are you worried about getting off to a good start this weekend or is it having the home crowd to get you guys fired up?

Well, we want the crowd and all that and we're looking forward to playing in front of the crowd. But the crowd isn't going to put our helmets on and our shoulder pads. We have to go take care of business.

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