Campbell on the Chargers and Moving Forward

Quarterback Jason Campbell spoke with the media on Wednesday after practice. Campbell talked about how the team has to dig itself out of the whole they have been in for the last two weeks, and how the Chargers are a different team than the one they faced earlier in the season.

You had some success against San Diego. What could you expect with their defense this time?

They've been playing great. They've been a turnover machine. You know, getting turnovers. You watch their games over the last couple of weeks they're very active on defense and they got some great players on defense that makes their defense go. So, we just got to get back to what we do best. We got to come off the ball, we got to take the ball and just play hard.

How about Jacoby Ford? What has the difference been and how did this guy emerge as one of your premiere rookies?

Yeah, it's been exciting to watch a guy like that progress the way that he has. You know, he made some outstanding plays where you just sit there and you'd be like, "wow, how did that happen?" It's exciting to see guys like that making plays because you hope that feeds off to other guys and you just hope that it becomes contagious.

Obviously, you guys would like to be able to run the ball well, but if you aren't able to, how much do you welcome the opportunity if the team is going to put eight or nine guys in the box?

Hey, that's an opportunity for the receivers and quarterback to make plays. You know, to win games and go out there and try to get that eighth man out of the box. Make them have to respect our passing game. So it's a challenge to us to have to answer the bill, and there's not a lot of opportunities you get a chance to do that so we just got to try and do that to the best of our abilities and make plays.

How frustrating has it been the past couple weeks because you guys were playing so well and all of a sudden the last couple of weeks it's been a setback?

Yeah. Going into the bye week, we win three in a row, we won four out of our last five and sometimes the bye week is a chance for us to get healthy and finish the run for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, this time the bye week seemed like it bit us. You know, we lost that chemistry, we lost the things we were doing very well and now we're trying to regroup, we're trying to get back to that. So, we got to get ourselves out of this struggle. We got ourselves into it and we got to dig ourselves out.

The last three years in Washington with different coordinators every year, you still managed to get 62 percent. Now, here, with the in and out and some of the continuity issues, you're down to 54 percent. Have you had enough games here to know that if the offense were to click, you could get it back up there?

Yeah. Out of those four or five games I think we were close to getting back up to 60 percent. We were getting a feel for each other. We were making plays and just learning where guys are around you, and you try to do the best you can. But, we're kind of different as a football team though because we got guys that can run. So when you take as many shots as we take, the chances of having a high completion percentage goes down a little bit because you're taking so many shots and those chances. So you can't take your aggressiveness away but it's also just understanding that, you know, how to move the chains and just how to get points on the board.

You're going to run and you're going to try and get Darren McFadden and Michael back and involved in the offense. It seem like they've kind of just disappeared in the last couple of weeks.

We've been out of sync for the last two weeks. We all know it as a team and as a whole. We understand that the next five games that we have are all almost like playoff atmosphere type games. You know, everyone's fighting in the month of December to push for the playoffs, so whatever it is that we've been stuck in for the last two weeks, we got to hurry up and get out of it. And it starts in practice. We've got to practice better, we've got to practice harder and we've got to lean on each other. Now is the time for us to come together more so than any other time. Earlier in the year, we were 1-3 and we dug ourselves out to 5-4, so this time we just got to try and do the same thing. But it's a time for us to build together and rally each other, get behind each other.

The team has had success with divisional games. What's the key to keeping that going for this next game?

We just got to put the last two games behind us. We can't go into the game focusing on what happened, what we could have done or should have done. We can't worry about those things anymore. San Diego is a different football team right now. My thing about the NFL is about getting hot at the right time. You see teams all year long have their hot spurts, have their cold spurts and have their hot spurts. A lot of it is just a mindset. We just got to have a mindset that we're going to win when you're playing any game. You got to feel like you got to go out there and fight for it. Nothing's going to be given to you, especially this late in the season. You got to fight for everything you want.

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