Cable Files Grievance Against Davis

Former head coach Tom Cable is the latest ex-Raider coach to be embroiled in a dispute against owner Al Davis. Cable filed a grievance with the league against Davis over $120,000 in disputed salary.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, former Raiders head coach Tom Cable has filed a grievance with the NFL against owner Al Davis over $120,000 in disputed salary.

During Cable's final season as head coach, in which he led the Raiders to their first non-losing season since 2002, Davis deducted $20,000 from each of Cable's paychecks until a total of $120,000 had been withheld. Davis did so in response to the Raiders losing two days of organized team activities in June 2010.

Cable now becomes the latest ex-Raider coach to file a grievance against Davis, as his predecessor Lane Kiffin did so following his abrupt termination during the 2008 season. A league arbitrator eventually found in favor of the team. Commissioner Roger Goodell will now have to appoint an arbitrator to handle the grievance between Cable and the Raiders.

Cable's dispute with Davis is further proof of the tenuous and fractured relationship between the former coach and owner. On January 4, the team announced that Cable's contract would not be extended for two more seasons despite the team's tremendous improvement during Cable's tenure.

The decision came to the dismay of many players, especially Pro Bowl punter Shane Lechler and offensive guard Robert Gallery. Lechler It's been noted that Gallery, who has been the Raiders' best offensive lineman for the past few years and is set to become a free agent this offseason, held Cable in high esteem. The question now is if Davis' decision to let Cable go will hurt the team's chances at resigning Gallery and other key free agents.

The Raiders are the only team left without a head coach, however, the team is expected to promote offensive coordinator Hue Jackson sometime this week. Former Chiefs, Redskins and Rams offensive coordinator has met with Al Davis, according to sources. Davis holds Saunders in high regard and there is talk that Saunders would assume the role of offensive coordinator should Jackson become head coach.

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