Brayton brings 'motor' to Raider defense

"You can't coach that. Here's a guy that goes every play to the whistle. Effort is not something that you just turn on and off." -- Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan.


            Talk to anyone about Colorado defensive end Tyler Brayton and there's one word that will get mentioned at least a few times in that conversation.

            The word is "motor," which in coach or scout speak refers to a player as one who never takes a play off or never stops hustling. The Oakland Raiders wrapped up the first round by selecting Brayton with the 32nd overall pick.

            "My mom always said I was aggressive as a child," Brayton said. "I guess it's a coaching philosophy that you can make up for a lack of talent by playing hard."

            Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan notices Brayton's relentless attitude.

            "You can't coach that," Bresnahan said. "Here's a guy that goes every play to the whistle. Effort is not something that you just turn on and off."

            Since the Raiders have a lot of established veterans, they can afford not to rush any of their 10 picks into immediate extended duty but Brayton could get his chance sooner rather than later.

Defensive end is still an unsettled position for Oakland. Tony Bryant still has not been cleared to play after sustaining a spinal injury in a 23-20 overtime loss to San Francisco. Trace Armstrong, a 16th year veteran, has landed on injured reserve in each of the last two seasons.

The Raiders view Brayton as a player capable of playing defensive end and tackle. For now, plan on working Brayton at the left, usually strong-side, defensive end spot but are in no hurry to press him into duty.

"It would be insane to put too many high expectations on him," Bresnahan said. "We need to get a feel for what he can do. He has played end and tackle but we're going to concentrate on end. You've got to walk before you can run."

Added Brayton: "I've played right and left end. I don't have a problem with either."


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