Maxwell Post Scrimmage

Andrew Maxwell knows all Spartan fans are watching with waited breath as he continues his progress to become the starting quarterback at Michigan State. Following Saturday's solid jersey scrimmage performance, Maxwell felt good about the progress being made.

Two weeks from today Andrew Maxwell and Michigan State fans will know how the junior quarterback's first collegiate start ended. However, on Saturday, Maxwell and his offensive teammates looked to win the second jersey scrimmage of the preseason coming away with a 52-48 victory in the 147 play situational scrimmage.

"We had a slow start," said Maxwell. "In our first series out of the box, we weren't completing many passes and we weren't running the ball very well. So we left ourselves in a lot of third-and-long (situations), and that's not where you want to be against our defense.

"It's a testament to our guys that they just kept playing and playing. We came back the next couple of series and moved the ball well. We were so successful on third down because we ran the ball well (on the early downs) and left ourselves in third-and-short (situations). If we can be effective in the run game like we expect to be, then that will help our offense tremendously.

Maxwell was extremely happy with the offenses ability to mount multiple long drives during the day.

"The 11- and 12-play drives give the offense momentum and help wear down the defense a little bit too," explained Maxwell. "When an offense starts sensing that in a defense, it provides a little extra push to keep going and finish the drive. It's a testament to our conditioning that we can sustain those long drives while still playing with the toughness and tenacity that we did at the start of the drive."

One area Maxwell was also happy about was the play of his offensive line.

"I only got sacked once or twice today," said Maxwell. "So our offensive line did a great job with our pass protection today. I tried to make sure that we had them called the right way, and man-to-man, those guys really held onto their assignments."

While the junior quarterback had a solid day, it was the play of tight end Dion Sims that had Maxwell talking with pride.

"Dion is a key figure in our offense," said Maxwell. "When healthy, Dion can be a weapon for us. We've tried to get him the ball more during preseason camp. He can be a big factor in our offense because he can make plays down the field or take a short, dump pass, break a tackle and run after the catch."

Maxwell knows the next time he steps in Spartan Stadium he'll be in front of a home crowd with a team wearing something other than green & white.

"Today's scrimmage is really the last hurrah of preseason camp, in terms of the offense and defense competing against each other," said Maxwell. "We got a lot a lot of good work in on both sides of the ball these past two weeks. Next week, we start gearing up to Week 1. We have a lot of work to do in a short period of time, but I'm sure we'll be ready."

One thing all the Spartans are talking about is the new video boards installed for this season.

"The video boards are pretty awesome," said Maxwell. "They bring a different feel to the stadium. The clarity of the picture is amazing. The play clocks are in different places, but they'll help the quarterback because they're big and bright. So now there's really no excuse for taking a delay of game penalty. These video boards will definitely be a factor this year."

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