The San Antonio Raiders?

According to a report from the San Antonio Express-News on Tuesday, Raiders owner Mark Davis was in San Antonio recently to discuss the possibility of relocating to the Texas city.

Davis acknowledged to that he was in San Antonio and talked to city officials but said the main reason for being there was to honor former Raiders wide receiver Cliff Branch.

Reports state that the Raiders would be playing in the Alamodome until they figured out how to get a new stadium of their own there.

The city of Oakland still holds out hope that they can find a way to get a stadium deal done and keep the Raiders around. As is the case with most arena standoffs, leverage is usually created first to force the hands of cities to build new arenas, stadiums, ballparks, etc.

This was the case with Sacramento in regards to getting the Kings to stay in Sacramento. There were numerous threats from other cities with the Maloof Family, the team owners. First there was Anaheim, then Virginia Beach, and then the biggest threat of them all, Seattle.

In the end, the leverage created by the other cities forced Sacramento Kevin Johnson and the city to figure something else out, or they would lose their team. Sacramento just started demolition and the arena is expected to be opened up for the 2016 season.

Davis and the Raiders currently have a lease with O.Co Coliseum only through the 2014 season. With only one year on their lease, Davis has to look around for options, including San Antonio and Los Angeles, and in doing so, it shows the city of Oakland that he will leave town if he finds a better option than the old, run-down Coliseum. It creates some leverage.

One problem that San Antonio possesses is it would bring a third NFL team to the state of Texas, which may not sit too well with Texans Owner Bob McNair and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

McNair recently said that he has no objection to the idea of it simply based on the fact that it is in Texas, but said that it would have to be looked into deeply, according to

Meanwhile, Jones isn’t too worried about it because of the difficulty the Raiders would have in gaining a following in San Antonio, according to The Dallas Morning News.

“I am very pleased that we have the fan base that we have down there and the percentage of fans that we have; I think it is 97, 98, 99 percent Cowboys fans in that area…It would be difficult for [the Raiders] to make headway,” Jones told The Dallas Morning News. “I’ll make sure of that. That would be very difficult.”

The league office has said that there has not been any filings for relocation by any team, but any team that did would have to receive the blessings of 24 of the NFL owners to be able to move. Davis has to explore his options, even if they seem like doubtful scenarios, as they will also help create leverage against the city of Oakland.

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