Raiders enjoying atmosphere in Oxnard

The Raiders Nation was supposedly leaving their friendly confines of training camp at Napa when they departed on Monday for their two joint practices in Oxnard against the Cowboys. But it turns out Oxnard is just as friendly.

Raider Nation showed up in numbers as an estimated 8,326 total fans came to watch the two teams go at it in the first of two scheduled joint practices.

Raider Nation made their presence felt from the beginning by chanting "Cowboys Suck" on multiple occasions and their signature "Raiders" chant.

The Raiders players were enjoying the presence of Raider Nation from the beginning as second-year linebacker Sio Moore got the crowd going early before practice began.

Head coach Dennis Allen raved about the atmosphere after practice.

“I’m going to start off by just saying, what a hell of an atmosphere to practice football in," Allen said in his post-practice conference."That’s what Raider Nation is really all about, man. That was awesome to see those guys come out and support us like that. It almost felt like, at times, that I had to quiet the crowd down just so we could get some plays off. It was a great atmosphere."

Matt Schaub, who is in his first year with the Raiders, also enjoyed the crowd and cheering from Raider Nation throughout practice.

“It’s fantastic the support, the fans that showed up and really showed up in a big way for us," Schaub said after practice. "It’s just a testament to the rich tradition of the Raider Nation. It was fantastic to have that type of support today.”

Allen believes that the joint practices helps build teamwork and loves the competition that is provided when going up against an opposing team.

“There is a little bit of us versus them type of mentality when you come into these environments, so it gives our guys an opportunity to go out and compete and bond together as a unit," Allen said of the competitive environment. "We’ve spent a lot of time in the hotel together, and I’m sure we’ll be talking about some things that went on during the practice today."

Allen, who was a part of joint practices when with the New Orleans Saints, enjoyed the atmosphere so much that he hopes they can try and work something out to do it again next year.

“Yeah, I like doing this," Allen said. "This is something that we did in my time with the Saints. I thought it was very productive and it’s something that I enjoy doing.

“We’ll see about next year. I mean, there hasn’t been anything concrete done there, but I’d love to have them come up to Napa next year.”

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