Donald Penn Has "Something To Prove" (VIDEO)

Oakland Raider left tackle Donald Penn speaks with members of the media after practice before heading out to New Jersey tomorrow to play against the New York Jets this Sunday...

During today's locker room portion of media access/interviews, Oakland Raiders left tackle Donald Penn took a look back at his journey from playing for the Tampa Bay Bucs to joining the Oakland Raiders. "I have something to prove." Penn played against the New York Jets in last year's Tampa Bay season opener on the road. He gave me his idea on what he should do in regards to how well and bragadocious the Jets' defensive front seven play as a unit, "The thing you gotta do, you know, you gotta hit 'em in the mouth and keep hitting them." Penn also gave credit to that same Jets defense and expounded on how good they are. Later Penn gave us a clue on who her likes at Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, (and yes, he spreads the love around to all three quarterbacks; Matt McGloin, Matt Schaub, and Derek Carr).

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