Raiders nearing one-year lease extension

Raiders owner Mark Davis addressed the media following the introductory press conference, touching on a variety of subjects including the Raiders’ seemingly never-ending stadium problems.

The Raiders owner did say that the team is close to signing a one-year lease with the Coliseum to stay for at least the 2015 season, as was expected.

“I don’t believe we’ve signed it yet, but we’ve agreed to terms on the deal,” said Davis. “The plan is to be here next year.”

Davis has long been vocal against one-year extensions, but stated it was needed at the time.

“Because we are trying to get something done here, so we’re signing another one-year extension,” Davis said. “Plus our fans proved to us that we should be here. We want to be here.”

The owner made it clear that he loves Oakland, emphasizing that he loves Raider Nation.

“As I’ve said before, this season showed what our fanbase is all about. I think that Thursday Night Game, in the rain, 0-10… it was just phenomenal. And the 49er game, it was phenomenal.”

Davis says that the league has already committed league funds to help get the Raiders a new stadium, but they still remain short on a deal with the city to get a new stadium done.

While he doesn’t like one-year deals, Davis remains open to future ones if they’re necessary. At the same time, he wanted to make it clear that he wants to stay in Oakland, even if it’s not in the best financial interest of the organization.

“I always think about ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ as options,” Davis said. “We’re trying to be here, we want to be here. We’re not using any other place, city, whatever as leverage. It’s not that way. It’s known, that no matter what we do here, it won’t be as valuable or economically great for the Raiders as if we go somewhere else. That’s known. But we still want to be here. Finances is not the number one goal of this organization.”

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