Jack Del Rio excited for free agency

A lot has been made about whether or not free agents should want to come to Oakland to play for the Raiders, and new head coach Jack Del Rio knows he needs to get some good free agents in the building.

But Del Rio also knows that this team is changing, both the roster and the facility… and the changes to the facility should only increase the popularity amongst players around the league.

“I think it’s important that the prospective players out there understand that things have changed,” Del Rio said at this weekend’s NFL Scouting Combine. “Our fields are all being redone; our practice fields are being redone. Our weight room is being expanded. We have a steam room going in. There is a freshness going on.”

The veteran coach said this is all stuff he talked about when he interviewed for the job, and is happy that they are coming to fruition.

“Those are things that I talked about in the interview process that were important and they’ve been followed up with actual commitment of capital, which I’m excited about,” Del Rio said.

Outside of the facilities themselves, Del Rio is excited to get started with free agency and knows they have some fundamental building blocks that should make the destination more desirable.

“As you go into this phase of free agency and acquiring players, we have cap space and we have a new staff full of teachers,” Del Rio said. “We have a young quarterback. We have a good, young man off the edge in Khalil Mack. We’ve got a good left tackle. We’ve got corners. The things that we need to get started, we have.

NFL free agency doesn’t begin until March 10 at 1:00 p.m. PST, but that won’t stop the head coach from being fired up about getting into the process.

“So, now we have to start adding good, quality people that are fired up to be part of the Raiders,” Del Rio said. “I’m excited about part of that process that we’re just getting into.”

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