A Cleveland insider's look at RB Richardson

Silver & Black Report got a closer look at newly-signed running back Trent Richardson with the help of Lane Adkins of Orange & Brown Report. Here is what Adkins had to say:

"Trent Richardson is a unique character, which is putting it mildly.

Richardson came to Cleveland off a tremendous career at Alabama — teams such as the Browns and later the Indianapolis Colts were caught with the visions of Richardson breaking off runs behind that powerful Crimson Tide offensive line at the collegiate level.

Upon his arrival to CLE, Richardson did not show the explosiveness and vision the Browns banked on when trading up to the 3rd overall selection to secure the RB.

The RBs start at the professional level got off to a slow start in training camp, as he underwent a knee procedure to what was termed ‘clean-up some irritants”.

The Browns found early on that Richardson was not reactionary, he was slow and indecisive carrying the football and rarely would hit the hole with authority. Richardson would often string out plays — running East/West, rather than plant a foot and take what was given back-side.

Whereas the RB would struggle to find a rhythm, he was successful in short-yardage, around the goal-line, which the Browns had hoped at the time would be a stepping stone for Richardson.

Richardson while appearing in shape was always a player that pushed the envelope with his weight, tinkering on the edge of too heavy — which we later learned was an issue during his stay in Indianapolis.

Throughout Richardson’s time in CLE, he was never viewed as a player that was all-in. His work habits average, there was a sense of entitlement surrounding him and his personal life could be described as that of being adventurous.

The Browns shipped Richardson off to Indianapolis upon determining that the ability to recoup a first round draft selection was in order, as the evaluation process in CLE showed Richardson was very ordinary and his work habits weren’t deem sufficient to change the complexion of the player.

In a power run scheme Richardson may display qualities of intrigue, but he must challenged by a staff that gets through to him. Richardson needs to gain the proper conditioning to regain quickness, his first step has regressed significantly, leading many watching the RB to believe he is struggling with conditioning and confidence.

An incentive-laden deal would be the best situation for Richardson, forcing him to prove it may be the best scenario he has faced since coming to the NFL."

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