Derek Carr adjusting to new coaching staff

Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr is entering his second NFL season but is already on his third head coach, but that isn’t affecting the young quarterback’s confidence.

“Yeah, it’s kind of weird,” Carr said on Monday. “This is my third head coach in one year. It hasn’t even been a year yet. So that, I’m learning the business side of things, I guess. In that sense, but I don’t feel like a rookie. I don’t.”

Carr now knows that he will adjust on the fly, whether that means his game or the scheme that he is playing in.

“I didn’t feel like a rookie as soon as Rex Ryan brought a couple of double-zero blitzes at me in the first week, I didn’t feel like it,” Carr said.

The 24-year-old quarterback says learning on the fly is just one thing that he learned in an eventful rookie season.

“This time, going into it, I feel like I can deal with it,” Carr said. “There’s going to be some things, but there’s nothing really out there that’s going to just throw me off and be like, ‘Well, I’ve never dealt with this before,’ because I feel like in just this past year, I’ve kind of dealt with everything.”

Carr knows that changing coaches may not always be easy, but says the new coaching staff has made it easier on him.

“This coaching staff, just walking around and talking to them, it’s like a family,” Carr said. “You feel like you’ve known them for like 20 years when you just go up and talk to them. I don’t feel like it will be that big of a transition, really, for our team.”

Carr holds a lot of respect for his current coaching staff, much of which has played in the NFL, along with a head coach that grew up a Raiders fan.

“The first thing I thought is, ‘Oh, he played before.’ That’s the first thing I thought. Really, with our whole coaching staff, we’d win a lot of fights with our coaching staff,” Carr said. “The first thing I thought was that, and then the second thing was, ‘This guy really cares about this organization.’ That was really my one takeaway.

“I could really tell that this guy cared about me as a person, and I could really tell that he cared about the Raiders winning Super Bowls. That’s what I got from it. It wasn’t him just leaping at another head coaching job or anything like that. He really wanted to be here.”

And that means a lot to his quarterback.

“That’s what I’ve been telling people about a lot of things when people ask me questions,” Carr said. “I just want people that want to be here. I want people that want to be here and want the Raiders to win, and he’s definitely one of them.”

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