Report: NFL pursuing temporary stadiums

While the City of Oakland attempts to rally against time to and keep the Raiders in town, the NFL appears to be moving forward in a pursuit for temporary stadiums for whichever NFL team may move down south.

Chris Hardart, NFL vice president of corporate development told the Los Angeles Times that the process has already began.

It is part of the process and an effort to understand all of our options and have a well thought out plan if a team or teams were to be approved to relocate,” Hardart said.

The most obvious options are The Rose Bowl and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (previous home of the Raiders), but other options such as Dodger Stadium and Stubhub Center, home of the LA Galaxy soccer club.

The Coliseum and Rose Bowl currently house the USC Trojans and UCLA Bruins, respectively. It has been noted that both teams do have the option to turn down any potential sharing of the stadium with an NFL team.

This is just the beginning of a long process, and it’s going to continue for much longer.

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