Raiders coaches bring intensity to camp

The Oakland Raiders are heading into another training camp in Napa, but unfortunately it is also another camp with a new coaching staff.

Despite having to learn another new system, Raiders players are taking it in full stride as they like what they see in the new coaching staff.

“From getting breakfast in the morning, the energy is always there,” second-year cornerback Carrie says of the coaching staff. “It’s fun when you have electrifying group of staff who are willing to definitely put it all on the line each and every moment and timeframe when you walk into that building. So you feed off of that energy. Them yelling and screaming at you at breakfast is something that you definitely get used to and accustomed to.”

You can certainly see the intensity on the field, especially from new defensive coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. But the intensity doesn’t stop there. The coaching staff is also keeping the players on their toes while eating breakfast.

“You know, we might have 10 minutes left of breakfast to eat, and they’re coming in there giving us three minutes left, Carrie said. “So they’re yelling, ‘You had all morning to eat breakfast, it’s time to work.’ Just little antics like that is something you enjoy and you have fun and you’re excited to go to work each and every day.”

The staff may have some intensity, but the players say they enjoy it because they know the coaches want to be there.

“I’d say it’s great energy because you know everybody is able to be themselves,” Rookie tight end Clive Walford said. “The coaches are not so uptight. They’re really happy to be out here and excited. It’s good energy.”

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