TJ Carrie learning from those around him

Cornerback TJ Carrie is entering his second training camp and second season, but is using some bright minds around him to get better.

The Raiders have a new coaching staff, including Marcus Robertson being elevated as well as Rod Woodson being added to the staff. The young cornerback isn’t hesitating to learn from them.

Carrie says the biggest thing they’ve learned from the veterans is the view of the unit as a whole, not just individuals.

“I think the biggest thing that we take from them, and I feel like as a unit, is the way they look at the game,” Carrie said of Robertson and Woodson. “They’ve been in the game for so many years, so how they view practice, how they view certain formations and just schemes of the game is very vital, because it takes experience and years and years of play to be able to look at the game from a different spectrum as a rookie or a second-year or a third-year player. They’ve really given us a different angle and a vantage point on what we should be focusing on, which will help us out in the long run.”

But Carrie isn’t just learning from his coaches, he’s also learning from the players around him. Despite just being a rookie, Carrie credits rookie wide receiver Amari Cooper for playing a role in making the defense better, as well as his fellow wide receivers.

“I think he’s made everyone on that defense better as far as him and, like I said, the other receivers,” Carrie said. “Bringing in more receivers and their expectation of being great challenges us to – iron sharpening iron as far as us being able to go at each other and battle each other every day, day in and day out, and sharpen each other’s skills. One may get the other one day and then vice versa. So they, the offensive receivers, have made all of us as a defense great.”

But the help doesn’t end there.

“Definitely the tight ends that we’ve gotten are as well. They’ve been doing a great job.”

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