Raiders excited heading into training camp

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie and the Raiders front office have worked hard to change the atmosphere around the Silver & Black, and it seems to be working.

Despite having another coaching change, players on the Raiders are excited heading into this year’s training camp.

Second-year cornerback TJ Carrie is excited to back back in camp, ready to build on what felt like a strong offseason.

“I’m excited, man,” Carrie said. “A lot of energy has been boiling up. A lot of hard work has been prepared and put in to come down to this moment and start Day 1 of training camp. So we’ll get it kicked off today with the conditioning test and go from there.”

Many of the players, including Carrie, credit the coaching staff and their intensity for building up the excitement heading into training camp in Napa.

“I would say the future work that’s [going to be] put in, and even the past work that’s been put in last season, just by changing the atmosphere and through all the coaches that we had last year, I think each and every one of them did a good job with changing and molding us into a different team this year,” Carrie said.

Carrie believes that the offseason was just the beginning, and it will all carry over into the regular season, and maybe more.

“That’ll only continue to carry over into this season and continue to carry over into training camp, and training camp will be a better time for us to mold as a unit and really become one and further that transition of becoming a new team.”

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