WATCH: Michael Dyer Playing With A Chip

Undrafted rookie free agent runningback Michael Dyer looks to make the 53-man roster...

From breaking Bo Jackson's freshman rushing record at Auburn University and a brush with the law, to multiple school transfers; undrafted free agent rookie runningback Michael Dyer has been turning heads in Oakland Raiders training camp as he tries to prove his detractors wrong by overcoming his college career troubles and showing that he is worthy of a spot on a 53-man NFL roster.

After amassing over 2,300 total rushing yards in his first two years at Auburn combined, Dyer later transfered to Arkansas State after violating undisclosed Auburn team rules. He sat his first year at Arkansas State as a condition of transferring from Auburn.

Michael Dyer was pulled over by State Troopers in 2012 speeding. Dyer was also cited for possessing a firearm in the vehicle at the time of that traffic stop. Oddly, that officer who pulled Dyer over was fired for not complying with it's department's regulations on conducting proper traffic stops. Dyer himself was dismissed from ASU.

After getting his bachelor's degree from Arkansas Baptist College and later transferring to Louisville, where his college career ended, Dyer embarked on his journey of redemption by declaring himself for the NFL Draft. Undrafted, Dyer would sign an UDFA contract with the Oakland Raiders. Undaunted in his efforts to restore his name, the highly talented runningback has done nothing short of turn heads in Raiders training camp and add a bit of "juice" to the Oakland Raiders' running attack. He even has many outsiders seeing him leap-frog and possibly crowding out free agent veteran runningback Trent Richardson. "There's a lot of 'chip' going on in my situation; being a part of this team, being a rookie this year, there's a lot that plays into going out there and trying to play a little bit harder than other guys and trying know, compete just a little bit harder."

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