LB Sio Moore traded

The Oakland Raiders had used linebacerk Sio Moore less and less over the last two weeks of preseason, and now he’s not on the team at all.

The Indianapolis Colts confirmed on Friday night that they traded linebacker Sio Moore for a late-round pick, reportedly a 6th rounder in 2016.




This comes just hours after the fan favorite tweeted his goodbyes on Raider Nation.






The Raiders signed former Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith in the offseason, who eventually beat out Moore for the starting job after he was sidelined following major hip surgery in the offseason.


Moore has struggled since being an All-Rookie in 2013 when he was drafted out of UConn in the third round. Though last year, Moore finished with 90 tackles in just 11 games.


The 25-year-old linebacker quickly became a favorite of Raider Nation for his passion for the game and dedication to the fan base.

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