The Oakland Raiders maintain they are focusing on one week at a time

Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio and the Oakland Raiders are focused on one week at a time.

Head coach Jack Del Rio and the Oakland Raiders are focusing on one week at a time, whether it follows a win or a loss.

The Raiders came out and defeated the Baltimore Ravens in a thrilling come-from-behind 37-33 victory, but they know it is just one week and they are just one week removed from an "embarassing" 33-13 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Head coach Derek Carr saw the improvement from last week, but knows that they cannot get too high on themselves.

"We had a big jump from week one to week two, we did," Carr said of his team's progress. "That's good and that's great but one thing about this team and one thing we've learned is it's just one game. We have to have a bigger jump from week two to week three and as long as we continue to do that, we're heading in the right place and I said that last year."

The second-year quarterback credits his new head coach with the change in mentality throughout the whole organization.

"After last week, it's probably easy for guys to say 'man, here we go again', but we didn't because it's not like that anymore. It's a new team, it's a new culture and I think [Jack] Del Rio and his staff has done a great job [with that]."

That mentality is exactly what Del Rio wants echoing through his locker room.

"We've got to go on to the next now," Del Rio said in his post-game press conference. "We're going to enjoy this one, but we've got to go on to the next. When we visit on Tuesday, you're going to hear me talking about we have to go on to the next. It's the next opportunity - that's what this league is about. People have big wins, bit losses, things happen, but you have to go on to the next one as quickly as possible. We'll enjoy it tonight, but we understand it's one game."

It's safe to say that message is being heard throughout the locker room, even by the rookies like wide receiver Amari Cooper, who also echoed the sentiment.

"It's one game, but it's a really encouraging thing to win a close game like this," Cooper said. "It makes you feel like you have a relentless team. But we just have to keep going back to the drawing board, keep our eyes set on the next team, and I think we'll be fine."

Del Rio will take his team on their first road test next week, heading to Cleveland to take on the Browns. 

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