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A look at what went wrong as the Raiders fell to the Bears 22-20

A look at what went wrong as the Raiders fell to the Bears 22-20


Despite finished the game by winning the turnover battle, the Raiders had costly turnovers at critical moments in the game. Derek Carr's interception (which should officially be Latavius Murray's) gave the Bears an extra possession that started in Raiders territory. Murray needs to do a better job of hauling in that pass to make sure the linebacker can't get it. The second costly turnover came on a pitch back to Murray, who looked like he took his eye off of the ball and then couldn't get back to recover it. This gave the Bears great field position once again. Luckily this one didn't cost the Raiders as safety Charles Woodson made a great play on a ball for an interception at the goal line.

Lack of running room

Raiders offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave looked to get the running game going early, starting the game with two straight runs. The Raiders neever abandoned the running game but Murray never did break free of the Bears defensive line. Combined, the Raiders rushed for just 70 total yards on 22 carries. As we saw the last two weeks, the Raiders offense works much better when they are able to run the ball and build on it with play-action passes.

Inability to defend the tight end

I know it sounds like a broken record, but it will be mentioned every week until it is fixed: the Raiders were unable to defend the opposing tight end, Martellus Bennett in this case. Bennett finished with 11 receptions for 83 yards and one touchdown. On the touchdown, the Raiders secondary was nowhere near him. It looked as if there was miscommunication between the cornerback and linebacker and both followed the wide receiver instead of one breaking off and following Bennett. The Raiders must fix this hole in there secondary as other teams are now exploiting it every chance they can. 

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