Raiders partner with Disney CEO

The Raiders have partnered with Disney CEO Bob Iger to help with Los Angeles Stadium

As the city of Oakland and Alameda County scrambles to try and keep the Raiders in town, the team itself has loaded up on some extra help should they move to Los Angeles.

The Raiders and San Diego Chargers turned to Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger to help bring both teams to the LA area. The two teams announced in a news release on Wednesday that  Iger will become chairman of the stadium project in Carson, Calif.

The move comes on the same day that representatives from each of their respective cities are set to meet with NFL officials regarding their plans to keep their beloved NFL franchises.

It has been reported that Iger will remain at Disney as part of the deal, while helping oversee the design and construction of the stadium, along with its branding.

Disney also owns, ESPN, giving Iger a clear concept of how the NFL works and an already pre-existing working relationship with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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