Oakland Raiders Relocation Vote Expected Next Month

NFL owners are expected to vote regarding the Oakland Raiders relocating to Los Angeles in January.

It appears that NFL owners are set to meet again in Jan. 12-13 in Houston, Texas to vote on a possible relocation to Los Angeles by either the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and/or Oakland Raiders. This comes after the owners heard from the team's respective owners at the Four Seasons Las Colinas Resort just outside Dallas on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a deadline has been set and looms just weeks away for the three cities to present a viable plan to keep their teams, and that includes Oakland. According to multiple reports, the city of Oakland (along with the others) must present a reasonable plan to the NFL by Dec. 28. 

The early vote is believed to have been picked by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell so that teams would have time to set up a marketing and ticketing plan, as the season wouldn't start for over half a year.

The Raiders really still have three options on the table - get something done in Oakland, relocate to Los Angeles, or play across the Bay at Levi's Stadium with the San Francisco 49er's. Owner Mark Davis has been adamant about not sharing a stadium with the Niners, and that appears to remain the case, according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.


NFL Media's Ian Rapoport confirmed the sentiment after talking to Davis, stating that it appears to be either Oakland or Los Angeles for the Raiders.


Rapoport also reports that Davis was confident in his equitable partner, none other than San Diego Chargers front man Dean Spanos. 


It really is crunch time for Oakland if they want to keep the Raiders - either they get something done by Dec. 28, or they team faces a relocation vote early next month. 

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