Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson leaves Oakland on a high note

Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson leaves Oakland on a high note

Oakland Raiders legendary safety Charles Woodson announced his retirement on Tuesday night to give Raider Nation a heads up that the team's Thursday Night matchup agains the San Diego Chargers would be his final game in front of the hometown fans. 

Raider Nation responded by selling out O.Co Coliseum and showing their support for the future Hall of Fame defensive back with a variety of signs and chants for their beloved Pro Bowler. 

Woodson's teammates also responded, vowing all week that they wanted to win the game for him. 

As has become so familiar with Woodson, the 18-year-veteran broke the huddle by letting his teammates know that they don't need to win the game for him, but to win the game for the team and themselves. 

Even with that, head coach Jack Del Rio knew it was important to win the game for his veteran. 

"Our fans showed out, tremendous showing tonight," Del Rio said following the game. "Charles is one of the greatest players to ever put on the uniform. He's a great Raiders. And to be able to send him out the right way, to be able to cap off a special evening like this."

Woodson's teammates agreed with Del Rio, wanting to send their leader out in fashion. Second-year quarterback Derek Carr expressed his appreciation for Woodson, even though they play on opposite sides of the field.

"It means so much because of how much he's helped me, how much he's pushed me, how much he's taught me about being a pro and about being great," Carr said after the win. "He means everything to me as a teammate, I'm blessed to play with with him. I tell him all the time that when I was six, I used to pretend I was him in my living room and do that one-handed catch."

Del Rio and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave even dialed up an offensive play for the safety. In the red zone, Musgrave called what Del Rio called "The Heisman Pass" where Woodson got the ball on a reverse and had the option to pass the ball. Instead, Woodson tucked the ball and took a three-yard loss. 

Jokingly, Woodson wasn't happy with the outcome since it makes his stats look worse. 

"I'm really upset now, because my stats don't look too good now. I'm -3 now in the rushing department," Woodson said jokingly.

Who knows, maybe the Raiders will dial something up next week so Woodson can fix that category, and maybe an offensive touchdown is in the cards as they go to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs to end the season.

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