Raiders not heading to Los Angeles

Raiders not heading to Los Angeles

Raider Nation has been fighting all season to keep their beloved team in Oakland as threats of a move to Los Angeles grew. 

Now we finally have an answer. Kind of. 

After their initial proposal for a stadium in Carson with the Chargers was voted down, the Raiders chose to withdraw their application for relocation. This opened up the path for the Rams and Chargers, who both appear to be heading to Inglewood. 

This means that the Raiders will be staying in Oakland. For now at least. There is still a chance the team could move to Inglewood should the Chargers choose to not partner up with the Rams  they have until Jan. 16, 2017 to make a decision  

This still leaves the team without a much-needed new stadium and once again puts to ball in the City of Oakland's court. They must get something done or the team could still look to go elsewhere.

the Raiders released the following statement following to outcome: 

"The Raiders congratulate Stan Kroenke and the Rams on their successful bid for relocation to Los Angeles. The Raiders will now turn our attention to exploring all options to find a permanent stadium solution. We thank fans throughout the Raider Nation for their unrivaled passion and support."

This saga is far from over, and it'll continue to develop. 

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