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Oakland Raiders head coach Bill Callahan used Thursday as a chance to spot a few veterans a day off in order to preserve them for later in the season.

            Running back Charlie Garner, wide receivers Jerry Rice and Tim Brown, defensive tackle John Parrella, safety Rod Woodson and Bill Romanowski were the veterans Callahan rested.

Crispness for Callahan

            The Raiders continue to move through practices at a brisk pace, ending early in some cases. Callahan attributes that aspect to continuity.

            "I think when you have a staff that has been intact and there's continuity, that says something," Callahan said. "When you have veterans that have been kept together, that helps as well. The overlaying thing is how well they've worked with one another. We feel we're right on schedule."

            Callahan alluded to another factor as well.

            "We really preach mental reps," Callahan said. "When a player is not in they are constantly being challenged on what the play is. A lot of times the coaches will turn back and ask what the play is."

 Porter plays musical numbers

            Two days after wearing Tim Brown's No. 81 jersey, wide receiver Jerry Porter was sporting Rice's No. 80 Thursday. Porter normally wears No. 84.

 Quick tight end hits

O.J. Santiago missed practice Thursday for personal reasons. Fellow tight end Marcus Williams has been out since Sunday for personal reasons. Santiago is expected to return Friday while Callahan anticipates knowing more on Williams' status by the weekend.


            The Raiders mostly walked through the morning practice while also putting in their short yardage package. 

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