UCLA linebacker Myles Jack falls to the Oakland Raiders in Mike Mayock's mock draft

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack falls to the Oakland Raiders in Mike Mayock's mock draft

Experts have been releasing mock drafts all offseason, but now we stand just one day away from day one of the NFL Draft. 

NFL Network Mike Mayock released his "Mock 1.0" on Wednesday, and relayed an interesting scenario. In the mock draft, Mayock has UCLA linebacker Myles Jack falling to the Raiders at number 14 overall. 

Jack had surgery on his knee back in September for a torn meniscus, but that's not what is worrying teams. He apparently is suffering from a medical condition where the cartilage is separating from the bone, according to multiple reports. These injury reports have given draft experts a hard time determining where to put him.

"The knee is an important deal here and he's going to slide," Mayock says when giving input on the Raiders selection. "I don't know where to put Jack in this entire draft because of medicals. The Raiders need an athletic linebacker. Jack's a great fit for the Raiders, but I don't know what they might have on him in regard to that knee."

Mayock hits it on the head, as the Raiders certainly do need an athletic linebacker to round out their linebacking corps. Jack certainly provides that athleticism as he's considered one of the most athletic defenders in the draft. Much of this athleticism comes from being a former running back, which gives him the speed to chase down offensive players. 

He's got solid instincts and the reaction time to race downhill after the snap and make the tackle. That said, he doesn't have the prototypical linebacker frame and may need to be put in a position to succeed early on in the draft.

Mayock has the Raiders passing upon fellow linebacker Darron Lee and defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche to make the pick. 

While nobody can know for sure who the Raiders will end up taking, the fact is that we will know who the pick is tomorrow when the first round of the NFL Draft starts.

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