Oakland Raiders Defeat the 49ers In The "Battle Of The Bay" B-Ball Game

The Oakland Raiders hold off the San Francisco 49ers and keeps the "Battle of the Bay" trophy

Saturday evening was an evening where not only did I see the bi-annual 2016 "Battle of the Bay" basketball game,  the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers (in which the Raiders would hold off the '9ers and win by 4 points), but I was able to see the unicorn, white elephant, the pot of gold AND the Leprechaun...Amari Cooper actually SMILING.

Amari Cooper had so much fun, messed around and provided a Stephen Curry-esque MVP performance. Yes, I said it. Splash Brother #3 Amari Cooper; hitting from beyond the arc, can drive the paint, but with the added bonus of getting above the rim...EASILY. If Cooper's performance last night was any indication of the breadth of athleticism he will display on Sunday's in the NFL, defenses better be worried.

Not far behind Cooper in athleticism was Taiwan Jones, who displayed some impressive hops to go along with his speed. In fact, he had the block of the night which essentially put the exclamation point towards the end of the game by going vertical and walking amongst the clouds to block 49ers player's shot. Jones seemingly did this with little to no effort.

Shout out to  Mike Bigasan (@PreciseMikeof Precise event promotions, who not only put on the basketball game, (of which the proceeds will be going to various charities), but was extremely professional, tact, patient, and was all over the place (even in the "enemy" 49ers jersey [don't know what THAT was all about]), in order to ensure the event went smoothly and that everyone was happy.


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