Ronnie Lott is reportedly working to keep the Raiders in Oakland

Ronnie Lott is reportedly working to keep the Raiders in Oakland

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that a group of investors headed by ex-Raiders safety Ronnie Lott is making a bid to help keep the Raiders in Oakland with a new stadium. 

The report says that Lott is joined by retired quarterback Rodney Peete, both of which have met with the Raiders and city officials to talk about a developmnet plan for the current 120-acre Coliseum site.

They are joined by Atlanta developer Egbert Perry, who is also the chairman of the board of Fannie Mae. He is also the CEO of Integral, a real estate and investment firm.

This is just the latest story in a long saga of the Raiders looking for a new home. The Raiders and the City of Oakland have struggled to make any progress on a new stadium, but the team has also failed to find any other viable option. Owner Mark Davis has since reached out to officials in Las Vegas, with some progress happening there. The Raiders do still have the chance to go to Los Angeles, should the Chargers get a deal done in San Diego.

We'll see if this latest plan has any legs to develop, but time certainly seems to be running out for the city as the team continues to explore options away from Oakland.

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