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Oakland Raiders practice got heated during the second OTA session

The Oakland Raiders practice got heated during the second OTA session

The Oakland Raiders returned to the field for the second week of Organized Team Activities on a warm day in Alameda. But it wasn't just the temperature that was high on Tuesday as tension became heated on the field during the match-ups. 

It wasn't until training camp of last season that we saw our first fights on the field, but it was just the second week of OTAs this year for the first one. And it wasn't just one, there were actually two scuffles during today's practice.

Offensive lineman Jon Feliciano and defensive lineman Leon Orr got into it in the beginning of practice. Feliciano was involved in a couple of scuffles during last year's training camp when he was just a rookie. 

The second scuffle involved two new players in newly-signed offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele and rookie defensive lineman Jihad Ward. Ward beat Osemele the play before for a simulated sack, and on the next snap the two got into it and went to the ground. 

While head coach Jack Del Rio knows the players are just trying to compete, he doesn't want to see his players fighting each other as their practice time is too valuable, among other reasons.. 

"We don't want to waste time doing things like that," Del Rio said. "As teammates, respect each other."

The Raiders can't afford to lose any players from an injury brought on by another teammate and believes it shouldn't be a part of the culture. He also noted that it was new guys that were involved, largely because he had not told them how to conduct themselves as part of the Silver & Black. Del Rio used the situation as a teaching moment for his younger players.

"From a culture standpoint, it's not what we want," Del Rio said. "These guys have not been told, now was a good time [to teach them not to fight each other]."

Third-year quarterback Derek Carr has already played a year under Del Rio and knows how he wants his players to conduct themselves. 

"That's not what we're about, and obviously, that's not what we want to be about," Carr said. "But guys are just being competitive."

Carr acknowledged that every player in the locker room has been in a situation where they want to attack a teammate, but it's not what should be done. But when asked who he wanted to punch, Carr made light of the situation as he always does. 

"Nobody," he said with a smile on his face. "I love everybody."

The Raiders return to the field their third and final OTA session next week before they hold their mini-camp the following week. 

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