The Oakland Raiders players reported to Napa for 2016 Training Camp

Oakland Raiders football is back as the team reported to Napa for training camp.

The Oakland Raiders reported to Napa on Thursday as the team gears up to start their 2016 campaign on the field at Redwood Middle School behind the Napa Valley Marriott. 

The majority of the players checked in on Thursday, while only a few took the time to talk to media. One of those was veteran safety Reggie Nelson, who the team signed to a two-year deal this offseason. Nelson has been absent for the offseason, not appearing during the Offseason Training Activities or the mandatory mini-camp. 

That said, the veteran doesn't believe it will slow him down as he begins his first training camp in the Silver & Black. 

"I kind of know what to expect, it's been 10 years [I've been in the league]... I don't think it's going to set me back. Camp is camp," Nelson said after checking in.

Nelson didn't disclose what his set back was exactly, but he did say he's ready to go but needs to hear it from coach first. 

"I"m ready," Nelson said. "If coach wants me full go, i'm full go." 

We'll have to see if he's out on the field with the Raiders start their first practice Friday morning. 

Players seemed relaxed and ready to go for the most part, but that didn't stop punter Marquette King from bringing a little excitement to the day by donning a green "Kick Squad" tank-top to go along with a green Power Rangers mask.

If you want a look at a funny interaction between King and defensive end/linebacker Khalil Mack, go to Mack's Snapchat and take a look at when he talks to King, who can barely respond because of the mask. 

We still haven't gotten the opportunity to hear from rookie safety Karl Joseph who will be hitting the field for the first time wearing the Silver & Black, though that could definitely come as early as tomorrow. 

The Raiders first practice will begin Friday morning at 11am. 

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