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Oakland Raiders linemen Kelechi Osemele and Mario Edwards, Jr. return to practice

Oakland Raiders linemen Kelechi Osemele and Mario Edwards, Jr. return to practice

Just one day after being booted from practice for getting into it with each other during drills, offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele and defensive lineman Mario Edwards, Jr. returned to the field to join their teammates. 

The two got into it on Saturday during team drills with both of them hitting the ground and punching each other. Shortly after, they got into it again and Osemele walked off the field with veteran left tackle Donald Penn to cool off for a little bit. The two returned to the field and Penn talked to Edwards as well on the side of the field. Shortly after, both Osemele and Edwards left the field and took their jerseys off to workout at the clubhouse away from the team. Edwards also had his right hand iced up. 

"A couple of guys got ejected from practice," Del Rio said after Sunday's practice. "I just didn't think they were prepared to do the things we need to do to help our team continue to work. We talked to them, they understand that's not how we do things, not what we're looking for. So, basically, we handled that, and put it to rest."

Both of them were with their teammates to start practice but Edwards seemed limited during team drills with Stacy McGee getting reps with the first team defense. Head coach Jack Del Rio said both players are okay, but Edwards is still a little sore.

"They're both going to be fine," Del Rio said. "I think Mario's still a little sore he'll be fine. There's nothing major going on there so everything's good."

Del Rio has maintained that he doesn't want to see his players fighting teammates because of the unnecessary injuries that can occur. 

"You can have unfortunate things happen when guys go at it like that so we're grateful that nothing significant came from it," Del Rio said. "We learned a big-time lesson on how important it is to take care of each other and be good teammates."

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