Romo apologies

 Oakland Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski spoke to the media for the first time at length regarding his altercation with backup tight end Marcus Williams.

            Romanowski made his apologies two days after severely injuring Williams when he punching him in the face during practice Sunday. Romanowski returned to practice Tuesday following a fine and a one-day suspension. Williams sustained a broken left eye socket and damaged tooth and Tuesday was placed on injured reserve, effectively ending his season.

"I hold myself accountable," Romanowski told the media following Tuesday's practice. "It was a classless move by me. I spoke to Marcus. I spoke to our owner, I spoke to the general manager, I spoke to the head coach and I spoke to my teammates. I made my apologies and told them I am just going to try to make the situation right from this point forward."

The Raiders placed Williams on injured reserve, meaning that unless the team and Williams reach an injury settlement, he will be unable to play or even participate in team meetings this year. 

Williams will not pursue civil action against Romanowski at this time.

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