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Derek Carr recently talked about his upcoming contract negotiations

Derek Carr discusses his upcoming contract extension

The Oakland Raiders and franchise quarterback Derek Carr are likely working on a new deal, hoping to get it done soon before the Fresno State star hits free agency after next season.

Carr, who grew up a Raiders fan, may not be willing to give the team a hometown discount. The young quarterback recently sat down with FS1's Colin Cowherd to discuss the idea of a team-friendly contract:

Everybody’s situation is different. I’m obviously a team guy first and foremost. There’s no no. 4 without the rest of the team. There no doubt about that. I’ll never be sitting here saying I’m better than I am or anything like that because I know that I’m nothing without those guys. I’m always a team guy, but at the same time they had three or four years of the rookie contract, too, to build a team and things like that and then I just start thinking about my family, thinking about my boys, thinking about all the people in Haiti, I have a heart for Haiti, that I could help. I think about all the churches I’m attached to and all the people that that could help and that’s what motivates me. It’s not for me. I wear the same clothes that I had since college. I wear all the free stuff that the Raiders give me. It’s about helping people. I’m not greedy.”

The Raiders will also have to re-sign star defensive end Khalil Mack, which will tie up some more money. Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie says the team is in good shape to do both. 

"Our quarterback is going to command a high dollar," McKenzie said earlier this month. "Khalil's going to command a high dollar. So, we'll work around it. But we don't feel, at this point, threatened by it."

Stay tuned as the sides continue to work on a deal throughout this offseason as both players are set to enter their final years of their rookie contracts.

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