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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's Last Public Push

Mayor Schaaf presents her last attempt to convince the NFL from moving the Raiders to Las Vegas

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf opened a press conference this afternoon for media and fans in order to bring forth it's full stadium plan/proposal into the public infosphere; something it hasn't done since Mayor Schaaf took office two years ago. Today's conference put faces to the names of the many moving parts of the plan to keep the Raiders in Oakland. 

Most of the overall stadium points hasn't changed in terms of infrastructure and building size, amenities, etc. It would seem however that the NFL is wanting the 120 acre Oakland site all to itself. It isn't that the NFL wants 60 acres at a fair market deal, (as Mayor Schaaf eluded to  today as she stated that there has been no official land purchase offer), and making her argument known that the Oakland Athletics can operate in it's existing location without interfering with the construction of a new Raiders stadium nearby on the large 120 acre lot.

In a letter from the NFL obtained by the East Bay Times, NFL league offices seem obsessed with removing the Oakland Athletics baseball team from the equation altogether, but at the same time, seem willing to place one of it's teams into an uncertain/unproven market with the potential of saddling it with approximately $600-900mil+ in debt over the next 30 years and in a much smaller acreage footprint in Las Vegas. 

Perhaps the NFL is concerned with having the Oakland Athletics on-site while construction for a new Raiders stadium is underway. Meaning, the NFL wants assurances that the Athletics get their stadium in downtown Oakland; far away from the Coliseum site. On the flip side, what assurances with the Mayor get from the league that if she is granted time to re-locate the Athletics to a downtown spot, the NFL wouldn't try to move the team during that time?

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