The city of Oakland presented a last-ditch effort to keep the Raiders in town

Mayor Libby Schaaf and team presents final plan to keep Raiders

Raider Nation and the City of Oakland came together Saturday morning in an effort to keep the Raiders in town as the threat of Las Vegas grows more by the day.

With a league meeting and relocation vote expected on Monday, Mayor Libby Schaaf urged the Raiders to restart negotiations with the city.

“The land deal is as firm and as solid as it possibly can be without the Raiders at the table,” Schaaf said. “That is all we’re asking of the NFL. Recognize your home market, recognize we have a viable plan, get the Raiders back to the table with us, and forget the temptations of Sin City.”

This comes as owner Mark Davis and the Raiders appear to be heading to Las Vegas for a $1.9 billion stadium that will be largely funded by the Bank of America, as well as $750 million of public money thanks to the city of Las Vegas raising their hotel room taxes.

Schaaf and the city's new plan presents a $1.3 billion stadium for the Raiders, along with a new ballpark for their longtime roommate Oakland Athletics. The funding would come from loans backed by seat licensing, with $200 million dollars having to be spent on Oakland's infrastructure.

It's likely that it is too little, too late for the city of Oakland, though it doesn't hurt that they are still working on any possible scenario. The only problem for Schaaf now is that she needs the Raiders to negotiate with the city, as well as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to agree with the plan. 

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