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There's a growing feeling around the league the Raiders move will be approved

Raiders likely on the move to Sin City

The owners of the National Football League met Sunday as the league owner's meetings began in Phoenix where it's expected to be a big week for Mark Davis and the Raiders. 

Davis and the Silver & Black applied for relocation over a month ago, and now it is expected that the other owners will vote on the said application on Monday. 

The city of Las Vegas has approved a plan to build the Raiders a $1.9 billion stadium, using $750 million of public money raised by an increased hotel tax. Meanwhile, the city of Oakland submitted a last-ditch effort on Friday that produces a $1.3 billion stadium that was largely funded by loans and the city of Oakland providing just $200 million for infrastructure upgrades. 

There's a growing sentiment around the league that the owners will approve the Raiders application for relocation to Las Vegas.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is betting tomorrow will be a day to celebrate for Sin City.

Meanwhile, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expects a positive vote as well. 

"I think we will have a vote, and I think we will have a positive vote. I think we are in pretty good shape," Goodell told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

Davis and the Raiders will need 24 votes for their relocation to be approved, but it's looking like it may happen. Stay tuned for the latest out of Phoenix as the story unfolds. No word on when the vote is expected to take place.

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