The NFL passed a series of rule changes on Tuesday

The NFL passed a series of rule changes on Tuesday

NFL owners passed a series of rule changes on Tuesday, changing the way team's can play the game without being penalized.

For one, blocking field goals became more more difficult as players are now prohibited from leaping over offensive lineman during kicks.

The league also passed a rule that will automatically eject players for egregious hits to the head, similar to the college-like targeting penalties.

Fans can also expect a change in how replays and coach-called challenges are handled. Instead of the head official on the field going under a booth to watch the play again, the officiating team will defer to a centralized command center in New York to make the call. This is similar to how the MLB and NBA handle their replays.

Owners also renewed the rule that puts touchbacks at the 25-yard line instead of the 20, but it has not been made permanent.

Players can no longer perform crackblocks if they are in motion, even if they are more thn two yards outside the tackle box. This is out of concern for the health of players' lower half of the body.

Some owners proposed to shorten the overtime period from 15 minutes to 10 minutes for preseason and regular season games, but that has been pushed back to be looked at again during May's Spring League Meeting.

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