Raiders want to win in Oakland before relocation

Raiders ready to win for Oakland fans before relocating to Las Vegas

With relocation to Las Vegas looming in the near future, the Raiders have their eyes set on winning sooner than later to give their fans in Oakland one last thrill. 

Owner Mark Davis and the Raiders will be in Oakland for the upcoming season, but after that remains in question. The Raiders have two one-year options to stay at the Coliseum, but there have been reports of the team leaving before their shiny new Las Vegas stadium is done, and playing at a temporary home until then. 

Head coach Jack Del Rio and his players have long mentioned that the relocation is "out of their control", but one thing they can control is their ability to give the city of Oakland more joy during their final moments together, and that's just what they want to do.

"[It's] really important to me, to take care of our fans here, to make sure that enjoy our last times," quarterback Derek Carr said Monday. "What is it? Two years? Three years? Who knows? But, that’s my focus is to make sure I’m giving everything to this city that I can and not trying to do a little here and a little there. Obviously, there are going to be times where we’re in Vegas doing things because it’s a weird situation, but my focus is here and now, making sure that our fans feel appreciated knowing that they are going to get the very best version of me and my teammates every time we step out on the field.”

Carr isn't the only franchise player in the organization taking his mind off the impending relocation, and instead focusing on iconic owner Al Davis' famous words: 'Just win, baby.'

“[Relocation] comes up all the time but it’s always the thing like, ‘just win now’ and that’s what it comes down to for us," 2016 Defensive Player of the Year winner Khalil Mack said. "That’s all we want to do. You don’t know what’s going to happen down the line. You don’t know. This team that we have now, we want to focus on winning now.”

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