Frankly speaking


Oakland Raiders starting left guard Frank Middleton is never at a loss for words. Here's some of his latest notebook saving quotes as the Raiders prepare for Monday night's game on the road against the Denver Broncos:

On what it may take to turn the offense around:

"A lot of prayers. We just got to keep working hard. On offense, all 11 guys have got to be clicking. We're not having that right now. We just got to get on the same page and turn it around quick."

Losing Jerry Porter hurts, do the struggles have anything to do with the offensive line?

"We're good besides the Tennessee game where we jump offsides 20 times and get three or four holding calls. I think we played pretty solid this week. The O-Line is getting better."

Who is the main guy on Denver's defense?

"They play a good team defense. If somebody has the a-gap, they have the a-gap. if somebody has the b-gap, they have the b-gap. All of them play hard."

On the importance of beating Denver?

"Hell, we need to win it for ourselves so we can get back into this race. … We need to win it for the Raiders and our record, and our fans before they turn on us."

 More on the importance of beating Denver

"We win that and everyone will forget about Tennessee, Cincinnati and talk about the Monday night game. It's a big rival. The coaches hate them. We hate them. They hate us."

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