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A Look Into The World of the Most Notorious Fans on the Planet: "The Raider Nation"

A cross between an English soccer match and a Halloween ball, an Oakland Raiders game is uniquely singular. From tailgate parties that start three days before the game, to legendary fanaticism both inside and outside of the stadium, the Raider Nation is a nation worth exploring. During the entire 2002 season and all the way to San Diego for the final championship game, Rogue Squadron Productions filmed the most notorious fans in the NFL — The Raider Nation.

From pre-season all the way to San Diego for the Super Bowl, the film crew was there to chronicle the fans obsession with the team. Pre-game rituals, post-game parties and, of course, tailgating are all part of what makes being a citizen of the Raider Nation unique — and the film crew has captured it all.

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Raider Nation DVD

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