Frankly Speaking


Oakland Raiders starting left guard Frank Middleton is never at a loss for words. Middleton talks about Sunday's road game against the Cleveland Browns:


On the notion of opponents knowing what's coming with Oakland's offense:

"I stopped reading the newspaper when Denver kicked the hell out of us. I don't know what anybody is thinking anymore. If you look at the first quarter (against Chicago), they couldn't stop the running game even though they knew where it was at. Then, we started passing the ball and they got their confidence back. Teams always try to make you feel bad after they beat you. … I don't talk to the other team. I don't have any friends that play football. I don't know what the other side is thinking."


On the Raiders continued struggles:

"Everybody is turning on us. Sometimes you think somebody wants to fire all of us and start over again. We're going to keep going. … I'm still close with Mo (Collins) though."


On feeling tired:

"I don't get tired. On the plane ride home, I have so much energy. You run 27 times and when you pass another 80 times that's not working. They won't let us put in a full four quarters of work. I'm ready to go back to the old Kansas City game where we just grinded the thing out. At least, the game goes by fast."


On the Super Bowl Hangover:

"People make too much of it. We've got a great plan on offense we just have to stick to it. It's like when we get something going we want to get something else going. I want to go back to the bread and butter. Whatever works for you, just do it until they stop you. I don't think we do that anymore."


On the importance of beating Cleveland:

"It's big. Cleveland doesn't have a good record. We lose to Chicago and Cleveland on back to back weeks I'll probably just quit myself. That's too much to handle. Some teams you're supposed to beat. Cleveland is one of them teams we should beat ant given day."

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