Williams sues Romo


No more speculation now about whether or not Marcus Williams will take legal action against Bill Romanowski.

Williams sued Romanowski after viciously the latter viciously attacked him nearly two months ago at an Oakland Raiders practice. Williams made the decision on Thursday in Alameda County Superior Court, accused of battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

The attorney for Williams, James Brosnahan, suggested he is treading into groundbreaking territory by asking for compensatory damages, medical and related expenses, any lost past or future earnings, exemplary and punitive damages as well as court costs for a practice-field scuffle between two NFL teammates.

 The Raiders placed Williams, a second-year player who played mostly special teams as a reserve tight end, on injured reserve and out for the year as a result of the Aug. 24 brawl. The suit states that the 25-year old Williams was left with a fractured left eye socket, a partially broken tooth and excessive bleeding, the suit says.

The altercation occurred during a 9- on-7 blocking drill. At the conclusion of the play, Williams shoved Romanowski. The 16-year NFL veteran allegedly retaliated by pulling off the tight end's helmet and leveling him with a closed-fist punch to the face. The blow was so forceful it knocked Williams to his knees.

Williams was driven to an Alameda hospital by a Raiders employee. He later contacted Alameda police. A detective later interviewed Williams and photographs showed two graphic close-ups of Williams' face and his bloody, swollen eye socket were included with Thursday's civil filing -- and prepared a criminal complaint.

The next day, Williams told Alameda police he did not want to pursue the matter, and police closed the case.

Shortly after the incident, Williams' agent, Lee Kolligian, said they would possibily pursue civil action. Williams, however, became frustrated when he learned Romanowski had only suspended for one day as a result of the altercation. The Raiders fined Romanowski the equivalent of one game check, or $58,823.53, several team sources said.

Although Romanowski apologized but that was not enough to prevent Williams from taking action. Williams' injuries include blurred vision and might jeopardize his career.

Romanowski has his own set of issues. He has been sidelined since the Sept. 28 game against San Diego because of severe post-concussion. Romanowski has said recently that  his symptoms have drastically affected his personality and behavior.


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