Four questions with Rick Mirer

Q: How hard was it coming in to start with a team that was 2-6 and with all that had been going on off-field? <BR><BR> Mirer: I would not say that there is any way to evaluate how tough it is. We are going to do what we do on Wednesdays and so on for this game. I have to prepare the same way as if things were perfect. The reality is it is not quite like it was a year ago here, but we are still going to line up and play on Sunday just like last year. <BR><BR>

We can't really focus too much on the other distractions. We are going to put those aside and focus on the game. You hate to be cliché but that is just where we are at.

Q: You kind of got thrown into the position there due to injuries and so on. Do you kind of look around and say what the heck?

Mirer: Well, it has happened to me before and that is the nature of this job. You have to be ready to go. This week is terrifically different for me than last week. I am just trying to get caught up here and get ready to play.

Q: You had not taken a snap in a long time. Were there any nerves when you got out there last week?

Mirer: No, it was actually pretty calm. It had been a long time and I have been here for a year and a half and that helps. We sort of did some things that were easier to execute than some of the other things that we could have called. All in all, I felt the first few plays I just wanted to get the ball handed off or get a completion and get moving. Once we got going, I felt pretty good. It would have been nice to put together a few more scoring drives. As far as the nerves and stuff go, I have been through that stuff before and there was a hint of that but it was time to play.

Q: Personally, is this a chance to fill in or an opportunity to show the Raiders and the league that you are more than just a third string guy?

Mirer: Every time you get on the field is a chance. You are going to put it on film and everybody is going to see it and you want it to be a quality product and whether that means the team would want me around or want me to play or want me to do whatever in the future. All I can really control is how I play and the better I play, the better things work out for me.

Whether I just feel good about myself because I play well and nothing really changes, that is okay too. Right now I have suffered enough through hard seasons that I would rather try to make this one work. If someone else is crazy about me or there is something here that would provide a chance for me to stay here that is great. I don't know how it is going to play out, but the better you play, the better your choices are.

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