Will there be a ground game citing?

It only makes sense for Oakland to run the ball more.

Will the Oakland Raiders ground game make more than just a cameo appearance?

That remains to be seen for Sunday's home game against the New York Jets but if it does not surface consistently now, it probably never will. There are simply too many reasons that make sense for that scenario to occur:


The Raiders have a capable corps of backs in Charlie Garner, Tyrone Wheatley and Justin Fargas. The Problem has been the coaches staying committed to the running game for more than a series or two.


Running back is also the one position where Oakland is not suffering any injuries.


The Raiders are currently down to No. 3 man Rick Mirer at quarterback after injuries to Rich Gannon (torn labrum) and Marques Tuiasosopo (knee). Gannon may return in the not too distant future but Tuiasosopo is on injured reserve, meaning he is done for the season. Granted, the offensive line is suffering too many injuries to expect the ground game to have any consistent success but it can't be any worse than the passing game's feeble attempts to match last year's success.


Oakland's passing game took the league by storm last season. Research, however, shows that the game has not changed to an aerial emphasis as the passing zealists and ground game haters suggest. Through Week Nine, teams that have a 100 yard runner are 44-21 (67.6%) while those with 300 yard passers are 16-18 (47.1%). Teams that run the ball 40 or more times are 14-1 (93.3%) while those throwing the ball 40 or more times are 7-40 (14.9%). Enough said. Case closed.


The Jets are dead-last in the AFC by allowing 153.4 yards per game. The question remains, will there be a consistent ground game citing Sunday? For that matter "some" day.

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