Callahan refers to Brown comments as "delusional"

The Soap Opera of the Oakland Raiders continues.

One day after wide receiver Tim Brown continued his verbal assault on dismissed head coach Bill Callahan, the coach himself fired a few salvos.

To refresh your memory, Brown said on his weekly radio show on KNBR last week, he accused Callahan of "sabotaging" the Raiders and "coaching to get fired." Brown continued to utter such accusations in an interview with Rich Eisen on the NFL Network. Several other Oakland players have been critical of Callahan, whom Oakland fired on Dec. 31.

Callahan made his first public statements Tuesday since the Raiders dismissed him in an interview with James Brown of FOXSports. Callahan had several things to dispute on Brown's claims.

"First off, the notion that I would sabotage a season is absolutely delusional," Callahan said. "It is insulting and unfounded in my opinion. Do you think that I would coach for 26 years to become a head coach in the National Football League, go to a Super Bowl, so I can throw a season? I don't think so! I don't think that I would put in 18 hours a day and spend the entire four weeks of my vacation planning for a season, so I can throw it all away.

"So, those remarks that Tim accused me of are totally absurd and that is an indictment that is unwarranted, unfounded, and totally off base! The fact of the matter is, prior to the first Monday night game against Kansas City, I had informed Tim Brown that he was going to be substituted for by Jerry Porter. Porter, in my opinion, is the next receiver to supplant Tim as the starting flanker in Oakland."

In Brown's interview with Eisen, he felt things were so bad that he suspected that players might physically assault Callahan. Brown also said that Callahan did not want the veteran players back. Callahan also disputed both claims.

"I think he is grasping at straws right there," Callahan said. "I don't think that it ever got to that point. I had mentioned to Tim, he was a team captain. I felt that the locker room had to improve. There were too many controversial things going on in there. I knew that and addressed it with the team Captains to take charge of it. You know, to make statements like that, they are unwarranted and unfounded. I think if you speak to most of the people around there, you will find out that his comments were totally off base."

As for his future, Callahan said he plans on continuing as a coach but is not sure where at this point. Callahan added that there are several options on the table that have his interest but there.

According to a Lincoln-Journal Star report, Callahan will interview for the University of Nebraska head coaching vacancy Wednesday. Nebraska, which defeated Michigan State 17-3 in the Alamo Bowl, fired Frank Solich the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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