Romo being sued for $3.8 million

There is a new twist to the Bill Romanowski-Marcus Williams case.

The latter is a former Oakland Raiders tight who sued Romanowski, who was his teammate, after being punched in the face by the linebacker according to a San Francisco Chronicle report Tuesday. According to a document recently filed, Williams sustained a brain injury from the blow and is seeking $3.8 million in damages.

The document was filed Friday in Alameda County Superior Court and has since provided new details on the extent of the injuries Williams claims he sustained when he and Romanowski fought during practice Aug. 24 at the team's training facility in Alameda.

Romanowski is a 16-year veteran who has had several volatile incidents in a career in which he has played on four Super Bowl championship teams.

The civil lawsuit was originally filed in October and alleged battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence, but the complaint didn't specifically state the damages. The most recent filing describes Romanowski's attack as unprovoked and that Williams suffered severe injuries as a result of Romanowski pulling off Williams' helmet and striking his left eye with full force.

Williams had the left orbital bone, which houses the left eye, fractured and the extent of the blow drove Williams eye back into his skull. The force of the blow caused a lesion to the frontal lobe of Williams' brain.

The statement says the punch also chipped one of Williams' teeth, caused excessive bleeding and swelling, and left Williams suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder.

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